Virtual Yogalesque™ Workshop


Option One: Wednesdays 12-1:30 MST January 6, 13, 20, 27, and February 3rd.

Option Two: Wednesdays 7-8:30 PM MST January 6, 13, 20, 27, and February 3rd

Option Three: Sundays 5:30-7 PM MST January 3, 10, 17, 24 (skip a week) February 7th

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Yogalesque™ Choreograph a Routine, Create a new Life!

Use the power of chakra yoga and the creativity of burlesque to create a piece of performance art that moves you from your head to your heart and turns you into a living vision board so you can embody what you wish to become.

When you were younger and you’d imagined how you would be at the age you are now, did you imagine…

  • Being stuck at your desk, (or kitchen table) hunched over your computer, squinting at Zoom, piles of dishes shoved strategically out of view?
  • Second-guessing your decisions, worrying that your words, behaviors, or outfits would be misinterpreted, and you would be judged unfairly?
  • Putting up and shutting up around abuses of power because you didn’t want to lose your job, slip into angry tears or and embarrass yourself, or act in a way that gave anyone reason to ask if you were hormonal?
  • Tolerating unfulfilling relationships because the uncertainty of taking action felt too overwhelming?
  • Feeling desperate for time to simply let it all go and be who you are without guilt or worrying about what won’t get done if you’re not the one doing it?

If you’re anything like me, and the hundreds of women I’ve worked with. You didn’t. Life doesn’t have to be this way. It can be like you envisioned it. In fact, it can be better!

Spend one night a week with me throughout October and learn how combing the humor and creativity of burlesque with the breath, energy, and presence of yoga allows you to:

  • Feel comfortable and confident in your own skin, no matter how old you are or how much you weight,
  • Recapture the feelings of freedom and liberation in who you are at your most authentic core before life (and the patriarchy) shut you down and told you who to be.
  • Stand comfortably in, and fully express your truth without the fear of judgment or repercussion.
  • Take a break from life and have some much-needed connection and fun with other high achieving and exhausted women, and most importantly,
  • Come back to life, so you can return to reality with a clear picture of who you are, what you want, and how to move forward without apology, overwhelm, or pausing to fix yourself,
So you never have to:

Smile through the pain,

Put up with less than you deserve, or

Worry that you are somehow not enough exactly as you are today.

2020 has been a doozy. I miss my routine, I miss teaching live fitness classes, I miss the creativity and joy of performing, and I miss seeing others. Which is why I’m giving you my 5-week virtual Yogalesque class for free.

Grab a friend or meet some new ones and join me every Wednesday night in October from 7-8:30 PM MST, and on Sunday, November 1st from 10-Noon MST for our virtual performance.


Even if you don’t think you have a creative bone in your body, or you are nervous because you’ve never danced or done yoga before. This is experience is specifically for you!

If you can create a piece of performance art, you can create the life you desire.


It truly is that simple. Let me show you how.

  • You are a successful woman who is are adept at doing whatever it is that needs doing – and more.
  • You take care of everyone else, but what about you?
  • What about your dreams? What about all the things you wanted to do before exhaustion, overwhelm, resentment and disillusionment set it?

What good is it to slay life, if you don’t eek the joy out of every moment and feel the kind of fulfillment, joy, and satisfaction that you dreamed you would?

Now is your time. Are you brave enough to say yes?

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Wednesdays 12-1:30 PM MST, Wednesdays 7-8:30 PM MST, Sundays 5:30-7 PM MST