Intuitive Energy Reading


Intuitive or psychic readings clarify the energy around a person or situation. Connect with your angels, guides, deceased loved ones, and get the answers you are looking for today. Cut through confusion of what your head says you “should” do and move into the clarity of your heart, spirit, and life purpose.

Is he cheating on me? Can he be faithful? What’s going to happen? Are we soul mates? Are we going to stay together?

May clients come to me looking for definitive answers. It is my belief that we all have a soul path, life contracts, and a soul purpose that we are “meant to” fulfill. But we also have free will. We do not have to live our life purpose. We can choose to “abort mission” at any time. And while choosing against our life path and life purpose causes difficulty and strive, we still have the free will to “screw it all up!”

When I read you, I read your energy in the moment. I can read other people in relation to you and help you determine and clarify what’s going on where your energy is intersecting. I do not pry into other people’s energy and I can not tell you things that are not in relation to you. I read the energy as it is now, and I can read the energy around different choices that you (and those in relationship to you) are contemplating.

All readings are done via zoom or the phone.


Sometimes you want a little bit of guidance and clarity that comes from the heart, spirit, or pure positive energy. An intuitive energy reading gets you out of your head and into your essence, allowing you to hear the voice of spirit, your angels, guides or deceased loved ones. Spend an hour checking in energetically, and feel how your life can change!