Life Choreography® Coaching Package


Reclaim Your Identity, Step Into Your Power & Own Your Worth!

A six-month, one-on-one coaching experience that empowers you to move forward with confidence and clarity, embrace your sexy, create a life you love, and fall in love with yourself and life. Even if you have been betrayed, or feel so broken down by life that you’re not sure if you can “let go and sparkle” again. No matter how overwhelmed or tangled up you are, it is possible. Let me show you how!


Reclaim Your Power & Own Your Worth

Even if you’ve been betrayed by life, your body, or someone that you love, you can live each day with enthusiasm, Express Yourself Fully, and feel the joy of Being Seen, Known, and Loved for Exactly Who You Are!

A six-month, one-on-one coaching experience that empowers you to reclaim your identity and self-worth so you can move forward with confidence and clarity, embrace your sexy, create a life you love, and fall in love with who you are right now – even if you have been betrayed and feel so broken down by life you’re not sure if you can “let go and sparkle” again or if you are too overwhelmed and tangled up in judgment or pain that you don’t think it’s possible.

Package includes:

  • Five, 90-minute coaching and hypnotherapy sessions,
  • Weekly email assignments,
  • 30 journal prompts,
  • 30 downloadable mp3 meditations,
  • 30 embodied movement videos,
  • Access to Lora’s Hypnosis Vault
  • Burlesque Routine Breakdown videos, and
  • Closing Yogalesque workshop & “performance”


  • BONUS#1: Lap Dance Course,
  • BONUS #2: Voxer support.


Who is Life Choreography® for?

You are competent, capable, and have worked hard to do everything “right.” You take care of everyone and everything, have molded yourself into who you are “supposed to be” and have willingly sacrificed your needs for the greater good. And then something happens. The rug is pulled out from under you, and you have a crisis of meaning that leaves you devastated, lost, confused, and unsure of what to do next. You wonder if you will ever be happy, satisfied, or able to trust yourself or others again.

The truth is, even though you were blindsided – whether by somebody, something, or your own realization that you’ve been betrayed yourself by living life on somebody else’s terms – you sense that this moment, right here, is important. This “crisis” is your opportunity to take back your life, express yourself fully and freely, and ___. Because somewhere inside you always knew there was something more… You knew you could feel more deeply, express more completely, and let your passions flow without inhibition. Your heart longed for deeper, more intimate relationships, work that fulfilled you on a soul level, and a life that you couldn’t wait to wake up to every morning, and left you tumbling into bed at night with the rich satisfaction of a day well-lived.

But you were too busy keeping all the plates spinning and “doing” life right that you never had the chance to full “be” who you were. And worse, after years of seeking to please, conform, and out-perform, (and ending up settling for less that you rightfully deserved) you’ve become somewhat bitter, resentful, and even a tad judgmental of yourself and others. Even though that’s not who you really are.


What you get is yourself – as fully embodied, integrated, confident, and joy-filled being.

Oh, the many hats you wear! You have a true self, a shadow side, and various persona that you “put on” in different circumstances. Your mom persona is different from your date-night persona, and your efficient corporate side is a far cry from who you are on a girl’s weekend.

The problem is, after years of conforming to what the media, the patriarchy, or even your mother tells you to be, after protecting your heart from heartbreak, covering your imposter syndrome, distancing yourself from your embarrassing past, smiling through the pain, or putting on a good front so nobody will know that your situation at home is not really what you’d like them to think it, you lose touch with who you are and what you are worth.

Add on the devastation of infidelity, adultery, of being betrayed by your body, company, coworker, a friend or family member, or the gut-dropping revelation that no, there is no award given for self-sacrifice, that really, you’ve just been betraying yourself all along, and you may be left wondering, who am I and what do want?

Feeling this way is totally normal, and it’s not your fault! You’ve done nothing wrong, in fact, if you feel this way, you’ve probably done everything right. That’s the insidious part about this. The “better job” we do at being good girls and perfect women who are competent in our careers, nurturing at home, fit, healthy, unselfish, and always available with a smile on our face, the bigger the fall and the more complete the loss of identity and worth becomes.

If I’m not what I do, or who I am in relation to others – if my value doesn’t depend on the size of my body, paycheck, or ability to please – then who am I?


Can you imagine being so clear in who you are, what you want, and what you are worth that —

  • Overwhelm, paralysis, and the obsessive spiral of “I just can’t move on!” are a thing of the past, you are clear, decisive, open to serendipity, and genuinely excited about the future you want to create.
  • Relationships become deeply fulfilling and mutually satisfying, because of your ability to trust yourself and others and to express your wants and needs in a way that gets heard.
  • Feeling deeply and living completely every day is your normal state of being because of your comfort in expressing yourself without fear.
  • You no longer internalize criticism, judgment, or ignore abuses of power because you know how to establish and hold healthy boundaries for yourself and others.
  • Standing comfortably and confidently in your ability to hold and process grief, shame and righteous anger, and not coming undone in the face of disruption or trauma.
  • Creating and validating your own standards instead of seeking to please, proving your worth, or justifying your actions to others, and
  • You create and live life on your own terms, giving yourself full permission to be happy right now, not when you lose 15 pounds, you find love, or the kids leave home.


You get all this through Naked Self-Worth®

There’s competence, confidence, self-esteem, self-actualization, and self-worth. Then there’s Naked Self-Worth®, which is something special and something more. Naked Self-Worth® comes from being stripped down, chewed up, and spit out by life. From having your most painful, tender parts exposed or your expectations, dreams, or soul crushed. Because it is only from this state of emotional and psychological nakedness, that you can truly begin again and rise.

When a woman reconnects to her Naked Self-Worth® she isn’t afraid to let go, strip down further, and burn the world down with her sacred roar. She knows that while devastation is not fun, and feeling like you’ve been gutted (because you were…) requires great strength, sacred space, plenty of grace, and adequate time to process, complete devastation is sometimes necessary for a complete rebuild. And through it all, she knows that she is okay.

The number one reason women fail to reconnect to their Naked Self-Worth is fear. The fear of letting go and “losing it all.” Which comes from the artificial belief created by the patriarchy that they are broken and need fixing before they are worthy of power, joy, or sovereignty.

Without Naked Self Worth, women settle for scraps, spiral into distraction and lose their way, and never fully live their own life, their way. Playing upon the quote about Fred Astaire, Sure he was great, but Ginger Rodgers did everything he did backwards and in heels, women without Naked Self-Worth, who are afraid to let go and soar:

  • Say yes when they really mean no, and do all the things that look good on the outside, but don’t nourish them on the inside.
  • Slide into martyrdom and end up feeling bitter, used, and resentful that nobody notices or appreciates them or all of the things that they do on a daily basis.
  • Bounce form one self-help program to the next, whether it’s keto, intermittent fasting, HIIT, or yoga, without feeling the satisfaction and joy of growth and change, or permanently accomplishing their goals.
  • Criticize themselves viciously for mistakes they have made, partners they have picked, choices they have struggled with, and programs they have not completed, and blame themselves for the actions and choices of others. If only I had been a better wife/daughter/friend/mother! He never would have strayed if I had lost those last few pounds! Or I can’t blame them for not giving me the promotion they promised, after all, I did have to take extra time away during COVID.
  • Fixate on their body, face, or hair with disgust, and
  • Distract themselves with social media, over-involvement with others, or binge watching Netflix, or numbing out with sugar, wine, or workaholism.


Naked Self-Worth is Cultivated though Life Choreography® and the Five-Steps of FLAUNT!

This life changing one-on-one experience is for women who have been blindsided, broken, and aren’t sure how to move forward again, or feel as if they are withering slowly inside and might die if something doesn’t change – yet they are terrified to pull trigger. Life Choreography empowers you to recognize and release everything that’s holding you back and covering your sparkle, and reveal yourself confidently and fully as you are, not as you think you should be. From there it helps you re-choreograph the next chapter of your life, your way, with yourself in the starting role.

Learn to FLAUNT! so you can Find your Fetish, Laugh out Loud, Accept Unconditionally, Navigate the Negative, and Trust in your Truth.


Life Choreography® is not a one-size-fits-all program. Find Your Sparkle, Your Way!

Because growing up, nobody every asked you, How do you want to be when you grow up? Who are you, deep inside, exclusive of the labels, roles, and scripts put on you by society and how are you going to express all that you are inside?” They only asked you, “What do you want to do when you grow up?”

No wonder so many of us are sick, lost, and miserable.

All gems sparkle differently, yet none of them are more or less brilliant than any other. How do you sparkle? Let’s find out!

As a former corporate attorney turned female empowerment leader, burlesque dancer, and infidelity survivor who has gone from broken to brilliant, I’ve taken everything I learned from my training as an intuitive hypnotherapist, fitness trainer and student of hundreds of personal development, mindset, energetic and somatic trainings, and created this immersive experience designed to permanently rewire your brain and change the way you view yourself and the world around you.


What People are Saying

For me, I was hesitant to admit or put words to some of the ugliness that I have experienced in life.  It was the support of this program that allowed me to find my strength and proceed.  It made me realize I am not alone on this path and it gave me the strength to persevere.

L.M. Lakewood, CO


Lora Cheadle is an inspiration for all women. She has a feminine energy and force that’s 100% unique. She took me on a journey into power, invited me to show myself completely, and forever changed how I will relate to myself.

J.H San Diego, CA-

Juju Hook, author of “Hot Flashes, Carpools, and Dirty Martinis–The Quintessential Guide for Turning Midlife into PrimeTime” and founder of the PrimeTime Posse.


I have worked with Lora several times, for hypnosis and readings and have been to one of her workshops as well.  She is so insightful; she was able to give me guidance on a relationship and even on how to help my ailing dog. I love her knowledge about the brain and power of the subconscious mind, and how that can be harnessed.  Her intuitive hypnosis sessions have been helpful for me to overcome some things, too; she knows what to say for my situation. It’s been so insightful working with her, and it’s great to be in her positive energy.  She truly wants to help others; I’m very thankful to have found her.

S.H. Colorado Springs, CO

During our 6-months together you will create:

A life of power, purpose, sparkle and worth. You may have been victimized, but you are certainly no victim! Now is your time to unapologetically reclaim who you are and choose what and how you want to be. You’ll reestablish a connection with your identity and Naked Self-Worth so you can be free yourself to FLAUNT! with confidence. Because you will get really good at untangling yourself from judgment, overwhelm, and the choices and hang-ups of others, you will end up with clarity and confidence like never before. Plus, because you’ll be out of the spin cycle of drama, trauma, and confusion, you will end up with more time, more energy, and more enthusiasm to take care of what needs taking care of and live life to the fullest!


Naked Self-Worth® has nothing to do with fixing yourself – because you are not broken! It’s a re-connection to who you most authentically are inside and an integration and embodiment of all aspects of self.


Hello, I’m Lora Cheadle!

I spent my whole life doing thing “right,” striving to be a really “good girl,” and not rocking the boat. So when a judge betrayed my be berating me for “having the nerve” to win a case against an experienced, male, opponent, I was devastated. Not knowing how to handle it, I covered myself, toned down my ambitions, and went in-house where I wouldn’t be seen. But after 10 years of molding myself into other people’s ideas of what an attorney was supposed to be like, and of killing myself to be the perfect, happy, size 6, wife, mom, and coworker, I had enough. I left corporate so I could stay home, take care of my family, and my husband could focus on his career.

Needing something for me, I started a part time “mom business” coaching women around whole-body health and wellness. I became a certified hypnotherapist, an integrated energy therapist, and an angel therapy practitioner. On the fitness end I completed my personal training as well as got certifications to teach yoga, XPole Fitness, FlirtyGirl Fitness, WillPower & Grace, and Buti Yoga. On the outside, life looked pretty great, but on the inside, I was suffocating. No matter how hard I tried or how much I did, I could never seem to catch up, lose those last few pounds, or make time for myself. Plus I was always alone, because my husband traveled extensively.

A series of coincidences led to my discovery of burlesque and to acceptance into a dance troupe that performed in Las Vegas and at the House of Blues in New Orleans. Burlesque was a visual representation of the layers, masks, and covers that we put on in an attempt to fit in, conform, and be accepted by others. I began working with women around this concept of “stripping down,” expressing themselves fully, and revealing who they were underneath their masks. I was stunned at their dramatic transformation and embodiment of their true selves. For the first time ever I felt like I had finally arrived. My youngest was about to graduate, my business was on solid ground, my body felt great, and I was finally going to be free to travel with my husband, and rekindle my dreams.

Which is when I found out that my cherished husband of 23 years had spent the last 15 years having a series of affairs with five different women. Devastated, I couldn’t get a handle on what was real, what had happened, who I was, or how I could ever move forward or trust myself or others again. And to top it off, menopause kicked in, making me want to crumble and die.

Which is when it hit me. I had been stripped of my identity, worth, youth, memories of the past, anticipated future, dignity, ability to make my own choices, and my sense of safety in myself and the world. I had been thoroughly victimized and had pretty much nothing left to lose. I was broken, gutted, and lost, and if I stayed there, then my husband and the women he had his affairs with would have won. What they had taken from me I could not get back, but I was not going to let them take more. I was going to reclaim what I could and create the rest – my own way.

And I did. It took time, money, and whole lot of energy, but I moved through the pain, embraced my sacred rage, reclaimed myself and my ability to love and trust, stepped into my full power, owned my worth, and planted myself firmly in the life that I was creating for me, based on my own dreams and desires. In the process of using and fine-tuning my own burlesque-inspired FLAUNT! methodology, I ended up with a book contract, a top rated podcast, and speaking engagements all over the world. I became exactly who I was, and who I was meant to be, and it never would have happened had I stayed safely covered up by my old life. Even more surprising, my husband got the strength to face his demons, go deep, and heal himself. The result? A better relationship with our kids than he had ever had before, and a reconciliation with me, that led to the marriage of our dreams.

From a place of complete devastation, of being stripped down and broken, I rose, and so can you.

Which is why I created this Life Choreography program. It’s for women like you – like us – who are tired of being stifled, of working so hard for so little joy, who are ready – despite what’s been thrown their way – to step fully into their own power, reclaim their worth, live with enthusiasm, and set the world on fire with their beautiful, bold, SPARKLE!


This Life Choreography Package is Perfect for you if:

  • You’ve been betrayed and can’t seem to process what happened, let alone move through the devastation and pain and figure out who you are or what you want.
  • Are afraid that life’s passing you by, and although you want to take action, you don’t know how – or what that really means.
  • Recognize that although you have a lot to say, you have lived much of your life staying quiet and seeking to please, and you are starting to feel bitter or resentful about the recognition and impact you have not received.
  • Find yourself constantly waiting: Until the kids get older, your job is more secure, you have more time, you lose 10 pounds… or
  • Something has happened – a diagnosis, divorce, death, or midlife transition such as empty-nesting, and you can’t seem to find your footing (or your sparkle) again.


Life Choreography® enables you to fall in love with yourself and own your worth, so you can live every day knowing that who you are is more than enough.

Private, 1-on-1 Coaching with Lora for 6 months includes:

  • Month one begins with a 90-minute Life Choreography® visioning session where we lay out what reclaiming your sparkle looks and feels like for you.
  • Month two focuses on Recognizing and Releasing your labels, roles, scripts, and anything that is holding you back or covering you up.
  • You will receive a gorgeous journal, filled with daily, 2-minute prompts that will help uncover any subconscious beliefs or blocks about what it means to be a woman.
  • Month three focuses on revealing who you are inside, your life purpose, and everything that you desire.
  • You will receive a daily, three-minute meditation that helps you shift you from a state of doing, and into a state of being.
  • Month four focuses on re-choreographing your life in accordance with the Life Choreography® vision that you completed in your first session.
  • In order to embody and integrate these changes, you will receive a daily, five-minute movement video.
  • Month five summarizes your journey with a second, 90-minute Life Choreography® session where we debrief your experience and set up a realistic plan for the next year, breaking it down into 4 easy to manage quarters.
  • Month 6 concluded with a Yogalesque® “performance” experience, where you become a living vision board, and create your very own piece of performance art around who you were and how you want to become.
  • Throughout our time together, you will get weekly email assignments to keep you focused, and not overwhelmed. Remember, this is about overlaying the 5 proves steps of FLAUNT! into your life and creating lasting change, not about stressing yourself out.


  • Bonus #1 – Intro to Lap Dance Virtual Course – Lap dancing is something you do for yourself, not for others (unless it brings you joy to share it with another, that is)! And it’s really fun because it gets you our of your head and into your body, where you fall back in love with yourself.
  • Bonus #2 – Voxer Support Package (up to 3 hrs.) – Personal, one on one support for times you are frustrated or have questions and need a little boost. I will have your back and be with you every step of the way. When has someone EVER had your back like that?


So if you want to:

  • Get clear and confident on who you are and what you deserve, so you can stop people pleasing, fixing yourself, and proving your worth.
  • Untangle yourself from the toxicity, drama, judgment, choices, or opinions of others and live your life, your way. (Bonus! Because you will get clear on where you begin and others end, you will empower them to step up, and live their best lives as well.)
  • Live fully, freely, and be able to express yourself without inhibition or fear, so you can be seen, known, and loved for exactly who YOU are!


So You’ll Never have to:

  • Self-sacrifice or prove your worth, (because you’ll already know it)
  • Be impacted or afraid of the judgment of others (because you’ll know your own direction) or
  • Stay stuck in despair, caught in confusion, or paralyzed by uncertainty again. (Because you KNOW your purpose, your direction, and how to find and live from a place of true joy that transcends anything external.)
Then Book a Discovery Call Today!

The full value of this program is $8,500, (which is less than you’d spend on a divorce) but because the last year or so has been super insane, I want to do my part in making life more palatable for everyone. For the rest of 2022, this full program can be yours for an investment of only $2,466.

And because I feel strongly that the world needs us all to become the best humans we can, if you sign up by the end of the year, I’ll throw in two bonuses, worth $600 for free!

Bonus #1 – Intro to Lap Dance Virtual Course – Lap dancing is something you do for yourself, not for others (unless it brings you joy to share it with another, that is)! And it’s really fun because it gets you out of your head and into your body, where you fall back in love with yourself.

Bonus #2 – Voxer Support Package (up to 3 hrs.) – Personal, one on one support for times you are frustrated or have questions and need a little boost. I will have your back and be with you every step of the way. When has someone EVER had your back like that?

You know what life is like when you’ve been betrayed, lost your sparkle, and disconnected from your Naked Self-Worth®. What could it be like to reclaim yourself, find your sparkle, step into your power and claim your worth?


One year from now, where will you be?

Still stuck, or flying free?

Sign up for your free 30-minute discovery call, tell me your story, spill out your dreams, and let’s see what finding your sparkle might look like for you and if my Life Choreography Package could help.

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