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Find Your Sparkle Individual Life Choreography Package


Five month, one-on-one intuitive hypnotherapy and coaching package, designed to help you create a life of power, purpose, sparkle and worth.

Five, 90-minute intuitive hypnotherapy and coaching sessions, weekly assignments, 30 journal prompts, 30 meditations, 30 movement videos, Lap Dance Course, Voxer support.


Life Choreography Sample Session

$65.00 $47.00

Is there something you know you would like to tackle in the coming year, but you aren’t quite sure how or even what you want, exactly? This session is for you! Spend 30 minutes with Lora, and using coaching, intuitive guidance, and energy work, you will get clarity around what it is you want. Whether it’s love, money, career, relationships, or personal growth, you deserve to go into the new year with a clear direction and actionable next steps.