I am a former corporate attorney, fitness and wellness veteran, and daring female empowerment thought leader.

I engage audiences with deep and insightful intellect that is melded perfectly with my playful and flirtatious views on life and how women can reclaim their power, voice and worth at work and at home, by learning to reveal and accept themselves unconditionally as they are right now.

Smart, sexy, and definitely soulful, Lora Cheadle is a Colorado Keynote Speaker that will inspire audiences to:

  • Break free from a tendency to over-function and then spiral into resentment

  • Stop judging themselves unrealistically against impossible standards of perfection

  • Finally learn how to validate themselves despite anything that is going on around them

Expect miracles, as your audience will experience one aha moment after another, and will come away with unshakeable confidence in themselves and their worth as a professional and as a person – so they can overcome burnout and lead with confidence, satisfaction and joy.

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Juju Hook
author of "Hot Flashes, Carpools, and Dirty Martinis--The Quintessential Guide for Turning Midlife into PrimeTime" and founder of the PrimeTime Posse

Lora Cheadle is an inspiration for all women. She has a feminine energy and force that’s 100% unique. She took our audience on a journey into power. She invited them to show themselves completely, and they responded with a resounding “Yes!

Dr. Lynyetta Willis

Lora Cheadle is an exceptionally dynamic speaker. She pulls you in with her humor, relatable stories, and powerful takeaways. Just listening to her.Her journey from lawyer to mom to dancer to coach to Flauntess with sparkle and naked self-worth is inspiring and empowering.

Nikki Crouse
Active Adult Program Coordinator, South Suburban Parks and Recreation District

Lora brought high energy, enthusiasm and a poignant message to the Brilliant Life attendees. People were drawn to her story and presentation. She is both approachable and spellbinding!

Lora was amazeballs. And she seriously has me mulling over… what’s my fetish?!

Robert Kandell
Author of unHIDDEN: A Book for Men and Those Confused by Them

I have done many podcast interviews but my Lora was by far one of my favorites. She has deep insight, clarity, and curiosity which pulled the best of out of me.I am 100% behind her life’s mission of encouraging women to FLAUNT themselves, to give what’s inside a chance to come out, and to be…

Lora Cheadle captivated our audience of middle-aged women. She inspired them to “get naked.” She forever changed how they see themselves. And how they’ll let themselves be seen.

Kelly Notaras
author of The Book You Were Born to Write

Lora’s playful approach to helping women uncover their beauty, brains and beliefs by using the concepts found in burlesque is as remarkable as her own journey from corporate attorney to burlesque star!  I want someone to say this… In order for each of us to fully express our gifts in the world, we must combine…

Amanda Frances
business mentor - money queen - boss lady

Lora is a superb example of how women can incorporate their beauty, their brains and their beliefs in everything that they do. Lawyer, burlesque dancer and spiritual guide, she really does offer it all!

I loved this. It’s my chance to begin again… If I want to dance. Then I’ll dance!

I loved this whole message! People love you more for falling and getting back up than for a perfect performance. FREEDOM!