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Melding insightful intellect with her playful and pithy views on life, Lora Cheadle helps audiences reclaim their power, voice, and worth so they can move beyond burnout and enjoy the life they’ve worked so hard to create.

Your audience will experience one aha moment after another as they uncover how to chart their careers and lives with confidence, satisfaction, and joy.


I am Lora Cheadle

Imagine a world where work is something that fills you up instead of sucks you dry. Where you can stop hustling for your worth by constantly seeking to please, conform, or out-perform. Where you can start engaging fully and freely on your own accord. Meet Lora Cheadle, a dedicated coach on a mission to guide organizations and individuals toward conquering burnout and igniting enthusiasm, confidence, and joy.

Lora’s journey as a top keynote speaker on workplace burnout is driven by her commitment to help individuals and leaders find the meaning and satisfaction they crave on the inside, no matter what is happening on the outside. She boldly challenges the narrative around burnout and empowers audience members to uncover and address the root cause of whatever is draining their happiness and disconnecting them from the human side of work.

Lora’s speaking style is a delightful fusion of thought provoking depth and light-hearted humor, ensuring her message resonates whether you’re in the same room or connecting from across the globe. If you’re in search of a keynote speaker who can inspire and transform your audience’s perspective on work, look no further. 

Signature Keynote

From Burned Out to Fueled Up - A New Paradigm for Engagement and Wellbeing

Instead of leaning in, many employees are burning out and walking away or “quiet quitting.” But the shocking truth about burnout is oftentimes it’s not just burnout; it’s a sense of betrayal that leads to overwhelm, disillusionment, and disconnection. Unless our sense of betrayal is acknowledged and addressed, we are always going to feel burned out.

In this empowering presentation, lawyer-turned-life and leadership coach, Lora Cheadle, shows audience members how to FUEL UP so they can rekindle enthusiasm and trust in themselves and their career.

By the end of this presentation, audience members will have the tools to identify, prevent, and manage the root-cause of burnout so they can stay resilient, healthy, and engaged in their career and life for the long term.

This keynote will help attendees

  • Uncover and address the root cause of burnout so they can live a fueled up life
  • Reconnect to internal motivators and shift from seeking to please, conform, and perform to validating themselves and creating boundaries that support their needs
  • Explore the impact of expectations on personal and professional satisfaction and
    advocate effectively for the things that matter most

Lora's expertise extends beyond her speaking engagements.

Lora’s expertise extends beyond her speaking engagements. She is the creator of the Life Choreography® Burnout-Recovery Method, which empowers her clients to reclaim their identity and rediscover their spark. Additionally, she leads the highly acclaimed Step into Your Moxie® Speak Up & Influence corporate workshops, where participants learn to advocate effectively for themselves, their companies, and the ideas that matter most.

As an accomplished author, Lora wrote the bestselling book, “FLAUNT! Drop Your Cover and Reveal Your Smart, Sexy, and Spiritual Self” and co-authored “The Legal Rights and Responsibilities of Teenage Parents” during her law school years. Her insightful writings have graced the pages of publications such as Elephant Journal, Om Yoga Journal, Yoga Magazine, Medium, Thrive Global, Aspire Magazine, and The Girlfriend.

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What others are saying

"Lora Cheadle is a speaker whose storytelling, profound guidance, and practical to dos support audiences to recognize, learn from, and begin to heal from their betrayals. Many lightbulbs went off for my event attendees, and I recommend Lora unequivocally."
Alexia Vernon
President and author, Step into Your Moxie
“Lora Cheadle has an energy and force that’s 100 percent unique. She took our audience on a journey into power. She invited them to show themselves completely, and they responded with a resounding, ‘Yes!’”
Juju Hook
Author of Hot Flashes, Carpools, and Dirty Martinis and founder of the PrimeTime Posse
"Lora brought high energy, enthusiasm and a poignant message to the Brilliant Life attendees. People were drawn to her story and presentation. She is both approachable and spellbinding!"
Nikki Crouse
Active Adult Program Coordinator, South Suburban Parks and Recreation District
"Lora is a superb example of how women can incorporate their beauty, their brains and their beliefs in everything that they do. Lawyer, burlesque dancer and spiritual guide, she really does offer it all!"
Amanda Frances
Business mentor- money queen - boss lady