Meet Lora Cheadle

A betrayal recovery coach, legal consultant, bestselling author, international speaker, and host of the podcast FLAUNT! Create a Life You Love After Infidelity or Betrayal. Lora’s your mentor and guide through the deeply personal journey of coming to terms with the soul-shattering experience of infidelity, coming back home to who you are, and creating the next chapter of life on your own terms. 

Lora’s superpower is helping women cultivate peace, confidence, and a sense of sovereignty on the inside, no matter what has happened to them on the outside. Whether her clients decide to stay or go, her mission is to empower women with the education, tools, and support necessary to reclaim their power and self-worth, so they don’t let the affair or the choices of others define them.

With a personal understanding of the challenges posed by infidelity, she knows firsthand how to help women turn the devastation into a reclamation of themselves and their worth. Remember, this is more than just betrayal recovery; it’s reclaiming everything you’ve lost along the way.

Don't Shrink, FLAUNT!

Lora’s coaching blends intuitive wisdom with the power of hypnotherapy, somatics, relatable inspiration, truth-telling, and legal guidance. Instead of staying locked in victimhood, feeling bitter, angry, and emotionally shut down, Lora will show you how to set yourself free. She will be by your side to support you emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually, as well as guide you through the legal ramifications of infidelity, whether you choose to stay together, separate temporarily, or divorce.

Although infidelity can leave women bitter, angry, and emotionally devastated, it doesn’t have to be that way. Through the Five Steps of FLAUNT! You can untangle from the past, let go of stigma and judgment, and unlock your inner power—all with a playful wink and a joyful smile.

Reclaim your sparkle & create a stronger, more connected relationship with yourself & your worth.

Lora’s specializes in providing the education, tools, and support necessary to:

  • Reclaim Self-Trust & Self-Worth: Lora is adept at connecting you to your intuition so you can be as certain as possible in your next steps.


  • Break Free: Whether overcoming obsessive thoughts, overwhelm, or the pain of grief, rage, and heartbreak, Lora can help liberate you from judgment, shame, and constraint.


  • Cultivate Confidence and Courage: Lora’s brilliance lies in empowering you to know yourself, show yourself, and take the actions necessary to create the next chapter of life on your own terms.

FLAUNT! Drop Your Cover and Reveal Your Smart, Sexy & Spiritual Self

Lora’s book is a must-read for anyone who has spent their life seeking to please others, conform to expectations, or perform for external validation. Using the concept of burlesque, Lora shows readers how to unmask, reveal themselves authentically, and stand confidently in who they are and what they are worth. 

Purchase Lora’s book, and learn all about cultivating the unshakable power of what Lora calls Naked Self-Worth® which is the ability to value yourself for who you, not for what you do.

Are you ready to break free? Snap up this book and begin your transformative journey today!

Lora’s impressive credentials encompass a diverse range of expertise, from her law licenses in California and Colorado to certifications in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Somatic Attachment Therapy, Life Coaching, and Advanced Integrated Energy Therapy. She’s also certified in various forms of group fitness, yoga, dance, and personal training.


Lora lives in Colorado with her formerly cheating husband, dog, two cats, and a turtle; loves adventuring all over the world; and can’t wait for her sons to return to Colorado after grad-schooling on the east coast.