Exotic dance

The true meaning of Valentine’s Day is not chocolate and jewelry, it’s about authentic connection with another. True emotional connection comes from the ability to be equal parts vulnerable and confident, in essence, to be seen naked. No, not physically naked (although that can be a part of it too) but emotionally naked – as you authentically are – as opposed to how you think you are supposed to be.

To do this, you must first know how to experience authentic connection with yourself.

How to Love Yourself With or Without a Partner

Whether you are single and stuck at home, cozily partnered up, or are in an unfulfilling relationship, exotic dance puts you in touch with the raw, naked truth of your body, mind, and emotions. Dance helps you cut through romantic idealism and the commercially overblown ideas about Valentine’s Day, drop into your heart, and experience the kind of deep emotional connection with yourself, that you crave from others. The kind of intimacy that comes from being seen, known, and loved for exactly who you are.


It might surprise you that exotic dance, whether in the form of burlesque, stripping, or lap dance is not something you do for another, but is something you do for yourself, and that this Valentine’s Day, in the middle of a pandemic is the perfect opportunity to cozy up and connect to you, in ways that you may not have imagined before! Because when you fall in love with yourself and spend time out of your head and in the glory of your five senses, you train yourself to receive, feel, and enjoy love from others at a much deeper level than before.

Overcoming Emotional Numbness

Fully present, awash in your own sensory experience, you learn how to experience life fully, not simply form the neck up. Auditorily you focus on the emotion, rhythm, and feel of the music. Visually, you become aware of your surroundings, and your relationship to everything in your environment. A chair is just a chair, until you use that chair as a prop, and start relating to that chair in an entirely different way. As you dance, you might catch the scent of your lotion, breath, or even sweat as you twirl and dive.


The sense of smell is intimately connected to memory, and as you dance, you may be triggered to feel, process, and remember things that you have repressed or failed to process completely. The resulting tears afford you the opportunity to taste and revel in the saltiness of your own body. Kinesthetically you must balance, flow, fall, and move to a beat that is not your own, but is directed from somewhere deep inside. The sensation of both touching and feeling your own hair, skin, and body nurtures and nourishes you on a primal level, and heightens your sense of aliveness every day.


How Does Dance Help in Self-Expression?

Every culture throughout time has used dance as a way to celebrate, mourn, and connect with others. Dancing is a uniquely human expression that is woven into our collective DNA, and without fail, connects us back to ourselves, to who we most authentically are deep inside. It is from this place of connection that we can finally connect with others and experience the kind of mythical love that we desire.


Whether you are thinking; I don’t know how to dance or be sexy, or Hot damn, show me the way! This Valentine’s Day, use the power of dance to connect back to your naked self – to your own beautiful heart, spirit, body, and soul. Because the only way to be in love with others, is to be in love with your own sweet self.


For more information, check out my brief, and totally PG Sexy Lap Dance Tutorial.

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Want to learn how to Practical Habits to Creating the Ultimate Loving Relationship? This weeks guest is Shmaya David, author of Love Simplified, and he will show you how!


February means Valentine’s Day, and Valentine’s Day means love. And sadlymany people spend their lives in search of love that they just can’t seem to maintainIn today’s episode you will find a new understanding of what love really is, and a set of practical, simple steps to make love bloom in your life and your relationship, now and forever.  

Top Take-AWays: 

  • Why love is a habit and an action and not simply a feeling. 

  • What it means to take total responsibility in your relationship and for your own happiness. 

  • The power of attention and listening to hear, not just to respond. 

  • Making room for what and who is truly important in your life.



Lora Cheadle, Betrayal Recovery Expert

Lora Cheadle, Betrayal Recovery Expert

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