What is Naked Self-Worth, and How Does it Help Me?

Naked Self-Worth is the ability to value yourself for who you are, not for what you do, what you look like, produce, or achieve. Naked Self-Worth is knowing on a cellular and soul level that who you right now, is more than enough.

Having Naked Self-Worth sets you free!

  • Free to validate yourself, instead of tap dancing on a tight rope, constantly seeking to be noticed, chosen, or be seen by the right people.
  • Free to define success on your own terms instead of seeking to please, conform and outperform.
  • Free to let go of ideas and beliefs that have been placed upon you by the world, and to create your own path and live life your way.
  • Free to stop fighting, stop proving your worth, stop feeling resentful, bitter, or disillusioned, and start living and loving the life you have worked so hard to create.
  • Free to let go of toxic self-judgment, of beating yourself up, tearing others down, and worrying that things will never work out, that you’ll end up disappointing yourself or others.

You Can Develop Naked Self-Worth in 2-5 Minutes a Day in my

90-day ``Free to FLAUNT!`` Program.

Because trying harder, doing more, and beating yourself up doesn’t help.
It Just Makes You Feel Worse!

Have you ever heard one of these phrases?

Don’t air your dirty laundry!

What will people think?

We don’t talk about things like that.

If you are anything like me, you were raised to cover, hide, and pretend things were okay. You were indoctrinated with a bunch of rules that kept you hidden, small, judgmental, and frustrated

Have you noticed, there are a lot of rules around what we should and should not talk about, think about, do, and be?

You are supposed to share the good, (but not brag) hide your dirty laundry, (but stay vulnerable) be confident, (but not a know-it-all) and continue to grow, evolve, and deepen your satisfaction with life (without rocking the boat or making a mistake.) You are supposed to be thin, but not skinnyCurvy, but not fat. Assertive, but not aggressive. Decisive, but not bossy. Available, but not a doormat. Keep a perfect home and acquire nice things, but not be materialistic.

The list truly is endless. And I guarantee that no matter which programs you have tried, books you have read, or routines you have followed, you have failed. Not because you are a failure, but because there is no way you could have possibly won.

SPOILER ALERT! The dice are loaded.

You can’t win by simply losing weight, using a fancy calendar system, or reading a steady stream of motivational material.

Which is what makes FLAUNT! and developing Naked Self-Worth different. All it takes is my 90-day Free to FLAUNT! program, that requires two-to-five minutes a day!

noun na·ked | ˈnā-kəd ˌself-ˈwərth:

Naked Self-Worth changes the neural pathways in your brain. It changes the way you view yourself, the world, and the way you experience life.

It doesn’t take hours a day either. There are many quality programs out there that work – if you have significant time to dedicate to them. Which, if you are like me, you don’t! The five steps of FLAUNT! which are used to cultivate Naked Self-Worth, fit within the existing framework of your life. There is nothing extra to add to your already overly full to-do list.

Nor it is complicated. Its five simple steps. As a matter of fact, most people find that incorporating these steps into their life simplifies and pares things down.

It’s Time to Live the Life You Worked So Hard to Create!

It’s time to call bullshit on the rules, judgments, and limitations imposed on you by society. It’s time to stand up for the parts of you that you’ve suppressed, and reveal all facets of who you really are, so you can create uninhibited success and joy on your own terms. It’s time to talk about the fear, pain, and confusion in your heart and life, so you can get real, get a grip, and clear out everything that’s holding you back.


Burying the past doesn’t work. Hiding your pain won’t make it go away. Positive thinking gets old, fast. Placating yourself, numbing out with sugar or wine and ignoring your anxiety, stress, unfulfilling relationship, money problem, or achy body that you don’t recognize when someone snaps a picture of you is a never-ending cycle that doesn’t address the root of the problem.

Developing Naked Self-Worth through the Five Steps of FLAUNT! Does.

Shedding the shoulds, letting go of pretense, and stripping out of the labels, roles, scripts, and masks that no longer serves you, sets you free. Free to be happy, compassionate towards yourself and others, and capable of doing and being exactly who you really are. 

When you develop Naked Self-Worth, three things happen:

  1. You become compassionate towards yourself and others. You no longer feel ugly, judgmental, filled with resentment, or desperately seeking to please. 
  2. You become confident and capable, at a level beyond which you ever anticipated, because you are clear on who you are and what you want.
  3. You feel and express uninhibited joy despite anything that happens, because your happiness it no longer dependent on anything outside of yourself.


With a sense of Naked Self-Worth, you no longer fall apart or come undone when the rug has pulled out from under you or life throws you a curve ball.

With Naked Self-Worth, it doesn’t matter what happens around you – you will always be able to find yourself and live your sparkle again

Have You Lost Your Sparkle?

Check Out These Top 20 Sparkle-Busters

Sparkle-Busters are unexpected, unanticipated things that crop-up in your life, in your world, that piss you off, knock you down, throw you for a loop, and get you feeling, thinking, or behaving in a way that makes you stop and think, “whoa, that’s not me!”

1. Overwhelm

2. Unfulfilling marriage or relationship, aka “Staying together for the kids”

3. Abuse; sexual, domestic, emotional, career, familial

4. Not knowing where to begin

5. Divorce/dating/beginning life again on your own

6. A medical diagnosis

7. Extra weight/being out of shape

8. Infidelity

9. Menopause, middle-age, empty nesting, mid-life crisis

10. Infertility/Miscarriage

11. A chronic lack of time

12. Aging Parents

13. Death of a loved one/s

14. High-Needs Children

15. Co-parenting differences/blended family challenges

16. Monster In-laws/dysfunctional families

17. Career or money problems

18. Lack of Direction/not knowing what you want to do when you grow up.

19. Depression/inability to feel good

20. Inability to connect with others, and to feel part of a community

This Program is for You If…

You are ready to get real, get metaphorically naked, and bring your Sparkle Busters into the light so you can release the hold they have on your happiness, compassion, and capabilities. You are in the right place if you want to Cultivate Competence and go from feeling confused and overwhelmed to competent and clear; Embody Compassion and move from feeling irritated and judgmental to calm and accepting; and find Uninhibited Happiness no matter what’s going on around you, instead of waiting for some condition to be met in order to be happy.

This is Not the Program for You If…

You’d rather struggle, fight, get even, one-up, pretend that you have everything under control, or bury your head in the sand and make-do with exactly how your life is right now.

Let’s get real. 2020 changed everything for all of us. While this is normally a $2,700 program that runs for 90 days, I get that committing to anything for 90 days isn’t realistic. Or even advisable. Neither is spending $2,700.

Therefore, I’m offering this program on a month-to month basis for the next three months for $97 a month.

Because when life is a shit-show, you deserve support!

What Do I Get, What Can I Expect?

  • A weekly assignment and angel card reading that addressing the energies of the week and gives you clarity, focus, and direction for the week.
  • Month one begins with a nightly, 2 minute journaling prompt that rewires your brain and changes the way you think, behave, and process information.
  • Month two adds in a daily, 3 minute meditation to reconnect you to spirit, and your own North star.
  • Month three layers in a daily, 5 minute fitness video, suitable for any level, that gets you our of your head and into your beautiful body.
  • You leave with 3 beautiful journals, 30 downloadable meditations and 30 fitness videos that you can download and use forever, explicit instructions, first-class support, and an incredible community of like-minded individuals who are ready to live the life of their dreams.
  • Discounted one-on-one sessions with Lora where you can address resistance, unprocessed emotions, and whatever else you may need, so you will never feel stuck, lost, or overwhelmed.
Intuitive energy reading

Instead of $2,700 for the full three months, you get this program for 90% off, which is only $97 a month, for three months. Which is less than the cost of one cup of coffee per day.

Especially if you are done.

Done being pissed off, scared, stuck, trapped, angry, weighed down by somebody else’s B.S., feeling victimized or resentful.

If you commit to the full 90 days, I’ll send you a copy of my book to honor your determinationBecause you are awesome and brave and amazing!

Questions & Answers

  • Everything is available on demand. There is no live commitment required! You have access to all materials forever.
  • There are no refunds.
  • Yes, I’m happy to talk with you about whether or not this is the right program for you!