Do you want to change lives and leave a positive impact on the women in your group or organization? Former attorney, stay-at-home-mom, and infidelity survivor Lora Cheadle will help you do just that!

After leaving a career in law, Lora spent twenty years at home taking care of everyone and everything, all while juggling a part-time business around the needs of her family. On the eve of her youngest child’s high school graduation, she learned that her husband had been unfaithful for 15 of their 23 years together, with multiple women.

Devastated, she knew she had a choice: let this revelation destroy her and define her life, or use it as a catalyst to reclaim her identity and self-worth and launch into a powerful new life, stronger than before.

Lora’s candor, strength, and insight – coupled with her ability to find acceptance and joy even in the darkest of times – will leave your group inspired, empowered, and certain of their ability to move ahead with grace.

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