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Download My Betrayal Recovery Tool Kit


Betrayal Recovery Tool Kit

Don’t spend another day this lost and confused. Strip out of the resentment and bitterness and slip into a joy-filled life that you love.

Reclaim Your Life After Betrayal

If you’ve experienced betrayal, you know the unbearable pain it brings. Your world has been shattered, and you long for the days when trust and happiness were your reality. Obsessive thoughts consume you, and you alternate between tears and confusion.

I’ve been there too. The agony feels never-ending, making everyday tasks like eating and sleeping seem impossible. The idea of finding happiness again may seem like a distant dream.

Although it was not easy, I would not trade the woman I am today for anything. I am happier, healthier, and more confident than I ever was before. And I am living the life and marriage of my dreams – and so can you!

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My fifty-three minute guided meditation

Temporarily suppress the pain and find some semblance of peace and control. This meditation helps you sleep, eat, make appointments, and function during this enormously painful time in your life.
In it, you will be guided to “delete” or “rewrite” memories or experiences that are causing you pain. It will temporarily diminish the pain by directing you to move the memory to a deep place in your mind where it will not interfere with your need to function, sleep, and take care of yourself throughout this ordeal. It is not intended for long term use or to attempt to permanently suppress memories that need to be dealt with the help of a licensed professional. This meditation is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure, not is it a substitute for medical or psychiatric care.

Writing the Screenplay of Your Life exercise

Stop ruminating on the past and start looking forward to the future! Yes, it will be different than you anticipated, planned, and worked so hard to create – it will be better. Without question, I know that infidelity is not an act of destruction, but is an invitation for a better life.


This journaling exercise shows you how to Write the Screenplay for the Next Chapter of Your Life. Even if you are sad, angry, confused, or have no desire to begin again right now. This meditation is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure, not is it a substitute for medical or psychiatric care.

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Betrayed to Brilliant - Flourish After Infidelity.
Facebook Community of women who have been exactly where you are at, and have flourished. Not in spite of infidelity, but because of it!
“What if infidelity was not an act of destruction, but was an invitation to a glorious new life?"
Lora Cheadle

Download My Betrayal Recovery Tool Kit