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I’ve been there too.

There were days I couldn’t get off the floor or quit crying. I thought the pain would never end and I as hard as I’d try, I couldn’t wrap my head around the reality of what had happened. Nor could I eat, sleep, or think clearly. The idea of ever being able to function – let alone be happy – seemed like fantasy.

What I wanted was a happy ending, to figure it all out, to understand why, and to have it all make some sort of sense. To do that I needed:

  • To temporarily suppress the pain so I could sleep, eat, make appointments, make decisions, get off the floor and start putting one foot in front of the other. And,
  • A direction in which to look. I needed hope, inspiration, and something to hang on to that would keep me moving ahead into a future of my choosing instead of falling into despair and ending up bitter, resentful, and filled with hate.
Lora Cheadle

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Whoa... never thought of betrayal as a push towards doing what you need to do, what you've always wanted to do, but never felt like you deserved or earned. That's powerful!
reclaim yourself after betrayal
S. Stone