Former corporate attorney, fitness and wellness veteran, and daring female empowerment thought leader, Lora wows audiences with deep and insightful intellect that is melded perfectly with her playful and flirtatious views on life and how women can reclaim their power, voice and worth at work and at home, by learning to reveal and accept themselves unconditionally as they are right now.

#metoo RBG sound of silence

“I Dissent” and #MeToo are Not Enough to Disturb the Silence around the Election and the Suppression of our Voice & Vote

In order to end inequality, women need to quit judging and shaming other women. Equality means being able to be and express ourselves fully, freely, and safely as we are. Conforming to masculine, modest, or societal standards does not make us equal. It makes us subservient. In honor of Ruth Bader Ginsberg, “I dissent” and the #metoo movement, express yourself, and support others who express themselves today!

Life Choreographer

How to Find Your Sparkle, Reclaim your Confidence & Own Your Worth (Even if you’re a hot mess or feel so overwhelmed that you don’t think you can.)

Losing your sparkle means losing your zest and enthusiasm for life. Life is hard! Whether it’s an event such as a midlife crisis, diagnosis, or death, or just the cumulative effect of one abuse of power, one disappointment after another, we all have fallen into a state of anxiety, depression, or paralysis. It’s not your fault! Learn how to break free and to sparkle once again!