After the Affair

6 Month Online Program

After the Affair - Rebuild Self-Trust & Uncover the Power of Who You Are

Strategy and support for women who want to rebuild their identity and self-worth so they can uncover and claim what's possible for them on the other side of betrayal.

A six-month self-empowerment journey back home to yourself for women who have given up too much and want to step fully back into their power and worth so they can create the next chapter of life on their own terms. Develop the habits and skills necessary to be okay on the inside no matter what happens on the outside and discover how good life after the affair can truly be!


What is The After The Affair Program & How Will it Help Me?

Infidelity rocks you to the core of and shatters your soul, and if you’re anything like I was, you wonder if you will ever be okay again. The question is not whether you will get through this experience, (you will) the question is who you will become on the other side of this experience. If you want to show up and create the next chapter of your life from a place of power and intention, then this program is for you.

Are you:

Perseverating about the past, the infidelity, and what your life should have been like, resulting in obsessive thoughts and a perpetual feeling of being broken, bitter, or foolish?

Focusing on your partner and what they are (or are not) doing, obsessively comparing yourself to the affair partner, or living in fear that the other shoe will drop or your partner will cheat again?

Staying stuck in the shock, heartbreak, and pain and living the rest of your life in victim mode, closed off from your heart, your joy, and living the full expression of who you are?

This self-paced 6-month program gives you the tools and habits necessary to:

Why Does The After The Affair Recovery Program Work so Well?

Most Affair Recovery programs focus on things like forgiveness,what type of affair was it?” how to communicate and build trust with your partner, or fixing what was “missing” in your marriage. Which are not focused on the one thing you can control – you! This leaves you feeling even more like a victim because feeling better and healing are dependent on someone or something other than you.

The reason you have still not gotten over it, no matter which other programs you have tried, books you have read, or couple’s counselors you have seen, is because you’ve been so focused on uncovering the truth about everyone else, that you’ve failed to uncover the truth about you. 

Your wants, your needs, your dreams, your desires, your wounds, your power, and most importantly all the ways you’ve betrayed yourself by giving up too much of who you are along the way.


Break Free, Reclaim Your Power, & Live Your Life, Your Way!

This program empowers you to get radically honest, uncover your truth, and advocate on behalf of yourself. It teaches you the tools and strategies necessary to be okay on the inside no matter what happens on the outside and it provides a sacred container where you can begin rebuilding yourself. If you want to clear out everything that’s holding you back, stop abandoning yourself, and start standing up for the parts of you that were lost or suppressed along the way, this is the program for you. 

Burying the past won’t work. Hiding your pain doesn’t make it go away. Toxic positivity is unhelpful and gross. Numbing out with sugar, sleep, or wine and ignoring your shattered heart and achy body keeps you stuck. Revealing and accepting all facets of who you are and where you are at does.


Create the Next Chapter of Life On Your Own Terms. 

When you rebuild trust in yourself, it stops mattering what might happen around you. What anybody else thinks, says, or does becomes irrelevant. When you have your own back, and know whole-heartedly that you will never betray yourself again, you become unstoppable because for the first time ever, you know you are safe and can always make yourself be okay.


Even if you Don’t Recognize Yourself Anymore.

Infidelity is an unexpected, unanticipated blow that knocks you down, destroys your identity, self-worth, and anticipated future. It leaves you obsessing over things you can’t control, acting like a paranoid crazy person, and wondering, “What’s real? What happened to me?”

Which is 100% normal!

This program is for you even if you think you are too broken to move past it. This program is designed for anyone who is terrified of falling apart, coming irreparably undone, or giving it their all only to have the other shoe drop.

Six Month Self Paced Online Programs

Affair Recovery for Women Who Want to Rebuild Self-Trust & Uncover the Power of Who They Are

You also get...

Lifetime access to the Affair Recovery for Women – Clarity, Confidence, & Peace Along the Way program, which will help you gain perspective, calm their nervous systems, and process your tumultuous emotions effectively so you can tame obsessive thoughts and be more certain about your decisions and actions. Including:

What Does the After The Affair Program Cost?

On Your Own

$792 Sale! $555

BONUS! 90 Days Free Access to Lora’s monthly support group for six months. A $114 value.

With Lora By Your Side

$1,248 Sale! $971

Adds Six, 30-minute sessions with Lora to keep you grounded, clear, and motivated. These sessions are short, but typically provide enough time to answer one of your most pressing questions.


BONUS! 90 Days Free Access to Lora’s monthly support group for six months. A $114 value.

What People are Saying

"For me, I was hesitant to admit or put words to some of the ugliness that I have experienced in life. It was the support of this program that allowed me to find my strength and proceed. It made me realize I am not alone on this path and it gave me the strength to persevere."
Lakewood, CO
"Lora Cheadle is an inspiration for all women. She has a feminine energy and force that’s 100% unique. She took me on a journey into power, invited me to show myself completely, and forever changed how I will relate to myself.”
Juju Hook
San Diego, CA
"I have worked with Lora several times, for hypnosis and readings and have been to one of her workshops as well. She is so insightful; she was able to give me guidance on a relationship and even on how to help my ailing dog. I love her knowledge about the brain and power of the subconscious mind, and how that can be harnessed. ”
Colorado Springs, CO
"I just want to thank you for your podcasts that have brought hope to me and my betraying husband. I wanted to share my appreciation for your authenticity and vulnerability and just solid information. I hope that someday I will also be able to look back on this awful time as a transformation of me and my marriage. Even if our marriage does not survive, I can see that I will. And I will be so much better for having learned and grown in my faith through it all. Certainly, this has ignited my faith into the flame of my life. Many thanks and best wishes to you. "
"Thank you so much for this podcast! I found you online last week and have not stopped listening to you at every opportunity I've had! You have helped me so much! I have been contemplating hiring a private investigator to get a photo of the girl he cheated on me with, THEN I LISTENED TO YOUR PODCAST. His cheating wasn’t about me. I am NOT garbage. So, now I have peace not needing her photo because the bottom line is I don’t need to stoop to that level. I just need to empower me. I wanted to thank you for your podcast because you are helping me so much - now I don't desire her photo or want to hire a PI."