Winter solstice

We live in a culture that is afraid of the dark, both literally and metaphorically. We celebrate beauty, success, and power and we cover and hide that which is inconvenient, painful, or weak. We don’t like things that are ugly or messy and we tend to shame ourselves and others for not being able to put on a happy face or be perfect all the time.


But the truth is, nothing is perfect all the time! We don’t live in a state of perpetual light, nor would we want to if we could.


While celebrating the light is fun, (Christmas! Hanukkah! Kwanzaa! Think of the many ways we celebrate light.) being in the light does not cultivate growth or change. Being in the light does not inspire compassion or connection. Being in the light does not test our strength or allow us to determine what we desire for ourselves, our world, or those we care about.


Being in the dark does. Facing the dark night of the soul is where things get real. Because when faced with darkness, we have two choices:

  • Search for the light outside ourselves, or
  • Search for the light within.


Are You Cultivating Your Own Light or Relying on Others to do it for You?


One of my favorite verses, “as within, so without” reminds me that in order for me to see what I want to see in the world, I have to see it first within myself. If I want to receive light from others, I have to first cultivate and illuminate it within myself.


In other words, I have to do my own work.


While reaching outside of ourselves for light is fine (because we all need inspiration at times) cultivating the light within is what keeps us grounded in truth and centered in our own power and spiritual connection.  After all, we cannot be led astray when we follow the light within.


The world becomes dark during Winter Solstice for a reason. So we can find our own light.


And no, finding a glorious ball of sun, a bonfire of light is not required! All that’s required is a PIECE. Finding a PIECE of our own light is what brings PEACE!


We don’t need to illuminate the whole world; we just need to illuminate ourselves.



Because when everyone on the planet illuminates their own hearts, we will finally have Peace on Earth!



Wishing you the joy of the season, in both darkness and light!





PS – This year’s Winter Solstice message comes straight from The Librarians, a group of entities that bring wisdom to humanity. If you’d like more of their wisdom, join me for Coffee with the Librarians every Tuesday on Facebook or YouTube.

Lora Cheadle, Betrayal Recovery Expert

Lora Cheadle, Betrayal Recovery Expert

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