Affair Recovery for Women whose Life has been shattered by infidelity or betrayal

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Infidelity & Betrayal Doesn't Have to Destroy You – It Can Set You Free!

Betrayal strips you of your confidence, worth, and ability to trust yourself and others. Even if you don't believe it now, you will find happiness and flourish. Not in spite of the infidelity, but because of it. There is hope. There is healing. No matter how gutted you feel, you are not alone, you are not broken, and you are absolutely not to blame. Let me show you how to turn the devastation into an invitation to reclaiming your confidence, identity, and self-worth so you can come back to life again!

betrayal recovery

Betrayal Recovery Tool Kit

Delete Drama and Feel Better Fast, a 53-minute guided meditation that guides you to delete or rewrite memories or experiences that cause you pain so you can function, sleep, and take care of yourself.

Affair Recovery for Women

Affair Recovery for Women

A one-on-one coaching experience for women shattered by infidelity who want to heal from the pain and come back to life stronger than they were before.

Hi There, I''m Lora Cheadle

Attorney, bestselling author, international speaker, betrayal recovery expert, & Life Choreographer® .

I work with women whose lives have been shattered by infidelity and betrayal and want to create the next chapter of their life on their own terms and use their situation as a powerful catalyst for good.

Let me show you how to shift your devastation into a reclamation of everything you let go of and lost along the way. Find your sparkle, create a life you love, and life every day with enthusiasm and joy.

Through the Five Steps of FLAUNT! and the magic of movement, you will untangle yourself from the past, release judgment, and uncover your truth, and reveal the power that’s been inside of you all along.

take the lead in the dance of life, release the past, and choreograph your future, your way!

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"In order for each of us to fully express our gifts in the world, we must combine both the masculine and feminine parts in ourselves — the drive on the one hand, and what Lora Cheadle calls the ‘sparkle’ on the other. Whatever you desire to create in your life, Lora’s combination of practical insight and contagious enthusiasm will help you get there.”
author of The Book You Were Born to Write
"Sage and refreshingly honest, FLAUNT! provides a playful path for women to unapologeticlly intergrate all of themselves to live and work with more passion, creativity and freedom... You're going to love this book!”
author of Step into Your Moxie
FLAUNT! Drop Your Cover and Reveal Your Smart, Sexy & Spiritual Self

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“Lora Cheadle yields up tips on how burlesque will empower women’s lives.”
actress, author, and award-winning documentarian

Naked Self-Worth®

noun na·ked | ˈnā-kəd ˌself-ˈwərth:

The ability to value yourself for who you are instead of what others believe you should be. To reveal all facets of who you are emotionally, intellectually and physically without cover and without seeking to please or conform. To love yourself as you are, not for who you will be when you lose 10 pounds, land your dream job or find the perfect relationship. To stand in your raw truth and know that who you are is more than enough.


FLAUNT! Find Your Sparkle & Create a Life You Love
After Infidelity or Betrayal

For anyone whose life has been shattered by infidelity or betrayal and is determined to reclaim themselves and create a life they love.

stereotype and stigma of betrayal
Hope after betrayal
Who to tell about the affair?
Meeting your own needs

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